EDDM & Direct Mail


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Every Door Direct Mail

Lets you advertise to your community for less! There are no mailing lists and no permit or addressing requirements. At the lowest postage rates, Every Door Direct Mail is the premier way to increase local business profits!

  • With Every Door Direct Mail® You Control the Drop Date
  • No need for a mailing list, so you can mail a larger card for less
  • Search for new customers with Online mapping tool
  • Schedule your mail to deliver now or at future date
  • No mailing permit required
  • Easy and affordable mail campaigns that average 27%* ROI.

Who uses Every Door Direct Mail?

EDDM works for all business owners and professionals. Its low postage rate and simplistic requirements allow it to be a useful and low-cost way of announcing your new listing, grand opening, or new product! EDDM is designed to get your sales and advertisements directly in the hands of your neighbors and potential customers.

This service is ideal for marketing:

  • Auto Dealers

  • Banks & Insurance Agents

  • Community Organizations & Churches

  • Dry Cleaners

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Restaurants and More!

Traditional Direct Mail

For businesses that want to reach a specific niche audience by demographics or psycho-graphics, we suggest the traditional targeted mailings.

  • Mail to your current customer list

  • Choose the format that fits your message
    — a postcard, letter or self-mailer.

  • Personalize your piece with customers’ names.

  • Use your list or create one with us.

Reasons DIRECT MAIL wins over Email

Even with the growing number of social media and other digital methods for reaching one’s target audience, there are reasons why direct mail marketing remains more effective than email marketing.

Direct Mail is Personal

Direct mail can be personalized by adding customers’ names to it. Recipients of pre-printed mail are more likely to open it than generic mailers addressed to the current resident. Many email marketers purchase lists of emails that may or may not still be valid, active or even checked.

Direct Mail is More Trusted

Trust is one of the most important aspects of marketing because customers tend to buy from brands they trust. Many customers are suspicious of online offers because of possible fishing of personal information and identity theft. Unlike email marketing, direct mail doesn’t face this problem.

Email Marketing is Oversaturated

The simple truth is that we are receiving more emails than we have the time to open or even read. How many emails do you have just sitting in your inbox? How many of those emails do you actually open and read? If comparing the open rates to direct marketing, it is clear that efforts are best spent with direct mail.